Playfield :: Hardware :: Posts

Playfield Posts are essentially an evolution of the original “pins” that gave us the name “Pinball”.

The modern Playfield Post comes in three main styles, and many colors. Since you are building a Custom machine, and not a restoration or reproduction, you have the freedom to chose which style and color to use, and there are several artistic considerations. But first, here are some examples of what is available today:



Plastic Molded Post Types:

  • Faceted – These were used fairly early on a lot of Bally and Stern games, usually molded in red.
  • Finned – These are slightly more modern, used on a lot of Bally / Williams games.
  • Star – Less popular, but still available today.




Artistic Considerations:

There are several things to consider when choosing a post design that will effect the overall look of the games. The questions you should ask yourself when making these creative decisions are:

  • How the post looks in direct or ambient light?
  • How the post looks when lit from behind?
  • What type of light goes it project onto the playfield?




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