We are going to walk you through step-by-step the compete process of How to Build a Pinball Machine.

Here’s what to expect from this Blog…

  • Heart and Soul of the Pinball Machine: Designing the Playfield.
    • Finding inspiration in vintage games.
    • Understanding the Grammar of Pinball.
    • Simulating and testing the physics of the game.
    • Putting the design into CAD.
    • Artwork.
  • Fabrication: A How-To Guide.
    • Finding resources.
    • What materials to use.
    • What tools are needed and how to use them.
    • Tips and tricks.
  • The Control System: Making the Machine Work.
    • Open source Arduino code to control the game.
    • How to scan and read switches.
    • Interfacing with off-the-shelf solenoid drivers.
    • Controlling displays and lights.
  • The Pinball Cabinet: Framing a Work of Art.
    • Decisions. New, used or build your own?
    • Open source plans for building a cabinet.
    • How-to guide on cabinet stencils.
    • Putting it all together.

The information in each blog post will be based on insight gained from designing three different machines over the last couple of years. Often we will present two or three different ways of doing things, allowing one to choose the methods that best match the resources and goals of the individual pinball project.

Stay tuned…

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